This course builds upon the theory and practical skills learned in UXR101:Introduction to UX Research and teaches advanced research skills for the UX researcher.

The course is ideal for anyone looking to build upon their existing small sample (qualitative) user research knowledge, specifically, to begin using large sample-quantitative research methods to validate their initial user insights.

Each theoretical module is followed by a practical workshop or activity where you will put the learning into practice.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to Quantitative user research methods.
  • The role of both qualitative and quantitative research in understanding the customer.
  • Converting qualitative study assumptions into quantitative enquiries.
  • Large sample surveys using the dBAG (Demographics, Behaviour, Attitudes, Goals) framework.
  • Advanced survey design best practices: The ideal number of questions; Delivery methods; Should you insist on required answers?; When to use A/B splits.
  • Using Excel Pivot tables to build data-driven (and validated) personas.
  • Case studies: Segmenting personas by demographics, goals, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Sample sizes and confidence intervals for larger sample studies.
  • Creating Customer Journey Maps from large sample quantitative studies.
  • A hands-on look at Survey Monkey, Google Sheets (Excel) and Google Forms as efficient and affordable quantitative research tools.

Additional information: 

Coffee, tea and refreshments provided.

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